What problem does Grow Remote solve?

The problem started in rural communities which suffer from de-population, an ageing population, and main street vacancy rates. Community groups were trying to solve this by building digital hubs, of which there are now 242+, but they were left in a chicken and egg situation. They needed investment in the form of jobs, but that investment was hard to get, because they hadn’t been invested in.

We've since learned that this problem extends to all communities, including cities - as when work forces you to one location, you can no longer participate fully in your community or family life.

In 2018, we got together, a bit like the Meitheal of rural Ireland, and we found two things:

First, the jobs are already here. In fact, companies are out there building their entire model around a distributed workforce. The problem was that there was a disconnect between this model of employment and our rural communities. There was no one was bringing all of the information together, because there is no business model for that. So, we stepped in, compiled information and began to use ChangeX to equip local leaders with the power to make remote work local.

Second, companies were not listening to communities who wanted them to bring jobs there, but they would listen to talent. We capitalise on that by equipping employees with the information they need to bring about change and then help companies start that journey from in-office to remote.

So, we began hours and hours of hunting down resources, built one pool of them, and made them publicly available to anyone.

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