Our Values

It's not what we do, but why we do it.

We're a can-do bunch with a bias for action on the ground. We maximise what we can do rather than think about what others are not doing, or what can't be done. We're kind, optimistic, and relentlessly ambitious for the future of work, and our communities.

The Meitheal is at the heart of Grow Remote and how we operate.

The word meitheal describes the old Irish tradition whereby people in rural communities gathered together on a neighbour’s farm to help save the hay or some other crop. Each person would help their neighbour who would in turn reciprocate.

It is held up as an idyllic example of community spirit. But the system was also an entirely efficient, speedy and cheap way to get a major job of work done.

The below mission and values were agreed by the group on a Google doc on February 25th, 2019. As we grow and develop our culture, we'll come back to these.


Our mission is to realise the potential that new ways of working present to local communities. By connecting all those already working remotely and giving them the community, support and resources they need, as well as growing the number of people working remotely, we can help to have a really positive impact in our local area.


A world where people are able to live, work, and participate locally. Values

Grow Remote operates according to the following values:

  • We believe that local impact is the most powerful tool in national change, and we can make that happen.

  • We believe in making friends, not contacts.

  • We believe in approaching things in a positive way.

  • We believe in generosity to our fellow volunteers, and the communities we work in.


We make remote work local

In October, 2019 Grow Remote became a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee - see the video here.

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