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Graphics & Brand Guidelines

To ensure that we are a recognizable community across the web and print please use the following guidelines and assets.
Media Kit
Here are the images you may use to create your chapter’s online presence. Please refer to our brand guide when using any of our images. Please refer to our brand guide for full instructions on how to use the Grow Remote Brand.

Main Color & Gradient

C69 M55 Y0 K0
R104 G123 B253
C54 M0 Y3 K0
R103 G215 B251

Grow Remote Logos

Click the links to go to download folder
Logo Guide - how to use our logo (pdf)
Logo Folder - all colors

Social Media Images (Canva editable templates)

Please duplicate the template first and make your own copy before editing.


Country Cover (for country leads)
Group Banner (for chapter leads)
FB Post square size (IG friendly)




General Grow Remote Images

Enterprise Ireland Logos

These will only be relevant in very specific cases. As one of our funders, it's important that we acknowledge EI in the programs that are supported by their funding. Link to folder containing EI logos