How can we promote events?

Once you have a venue and have picked a date you need to promote it. Treat the launch as a powerful opportunity to reach out widely in your community. Start talking to everyone on every media avenue available to you.

  • we can provide you with posters that you can edit and put up in your local buildings, town hall, tax office, shop, garden center, coffee shop, sports grounds - anywhere there are potential remote workers. For posters, go here. For customised headers, go here.

  • Use social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate and spread the word locally.

  • Send details of your event to so that we can use our channels

  • Connect with other voluntary and community groups in your community - don’t be afraid to go and meet these groups, tell them what you’re planning and why you’re excited about it.

  • Get on the local radio, and send emails to local papers for local notice section. They should be interested and will be particularly effective in getting the word out. You’ll need to send a press release typically 2 - 3 weeks before the launch.

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