Town Tasters

Town Tasters are a way to act as a concierge service for a local community and also allow us to directly track the complete funnel from thinking about moving through to landing in the community permanently.

We have updated the general web page here and linked it into Hubspot CRM. The idea is that we will, for the first time, have a central place for everything so that we can decipher from the hype and manage people who may be looking to move - we would also be able to directly quantify the economic impact.

Communities have run Town Tasters both in person or virtually. If you're interested, please let us know. Come back with details on how you'd like to run it, please also include a photo, bio, and description of the local area. Find and use information that will help to sell your area to those interested in moving. Information that people are looking for: - Accommodation costs (rental or for sale) - Amenities, transport links & shopping options - Local activities & clubs - sports & social - Internet connection speeds & options - Hub & co-working spaces - Networking opportunities - Community activities and groups

Get in contact with your local tourism bodies and businesses, they already have a wealth of information. Tell the stories of people living locally, the chance to pop out for a swim, or the lovely local walks, the award winning coffee spots, tennis club and play grounds. The school options, how great your local butcher or green grocer is and the fun of the community choir. Once people have their basic needs met, these are the things that drive people to move to a particular community. The blurb from the main "make the move" page: "Town Tasters is a concept developed by Dingle Hub, Co Kerry and taken all over Europe. Most recently it has seen great success in Portugal.

Town Tasters are generally run by local chapter leaders who donate their time to Grow Remote locally." This is the main page that all participants will be filtered through to: - this links them to the CRM. When a group of communities come together to do a themed event we can create a campaign around that similar to this event created for Kerry: Link to the "Live by the sea" Town Taster for Kerry, scheduled for September 2020 - Blurb: "Come and Live By The Sea!

Sep 21st, 2020 | Online

When you can work anywhere, you can live where you love. The reasons behind where we live are changing, and so too is how we move. We’re here to help you make the decision and get access to a community of movers." The page includes the schedule for the event, a list of speakers & bios and a link to register.

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