How to - The School Talk

The goal of this talk is to get children excited about remote working and for them to understand that it's a viable option for them.

Prefer video?

We do a 9 minute run through here:

Step 1 - Planning - Outreach

  • Identify the local schools

  • Decide which one you will speak to (either first, or at all - you might want to delegate it within your Chapter team)

  • Identify a person to reach out to the school

  • Send them some information about Grow Remote and why you would like to give a talk at the school

Step 2 - Planning - Logistics

  • Decide on a date and time

  • Confirm the venue and age/class of the students - older students are often better placed to understand the impact but we also want to plant the seed for younger students

  • Ask what equipment is available for the presentation - can you use a USB key or will you need a HDMI cable to connect a laptop

Step 3 - The "Night" Before

  • Give yourself time to do a run through of the presentation

  • Make some notes on the key points you'd like to make

  • Perhaps there is specific local information that could be more relevant to the students

  • Make sure your presentation is good to go

  • Confirm the date, time and location with the school

Step 4 - The talk!

  • Have fun with it! We want to inspire future generations to see remote working as an option for them

  • Notice their reactions, assumptions etc (we're really interested in what we can learn from them too)

  • Ask for feedback from the students and the school

Step 5 - Bravo! Now let us know!

  • Firstly - go you! Be proud of taking the time to help your community

  • Don't forget to let us know in the rest of the Grow Remote community what you've done!

  • Send your updates to

  • Where appropriate we love photos - perhaps one of you with faculty, it helps to bring these events alive for everyone else

And now put your feet up knowing that you've helped to spread the word of the flexibility and choice that remote work brings.

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