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Update from Grow Remote Ballinasloe Chapter:

To join the chapter, you can find us at the Grow Remote Ballinasloe Facebook Group or register into the Group in Changex from the Community Tab at www.growremote.ie

Finding Remote Work

Grow Remote has launched a free online mini-course available to anyone who would like to find a remote role. As a CLG (non-profit) organisation, focused on community development, Grow Remote's return is when you become employed and can live locally. Because of this, we can bring together everything you need to find remote work. Sign up now to the Grow Remote Learning Hub! You can access the Course through the landing page on the website www.growremote.ie

This course runs alongside the Monthly Jobs Club that is free for all to attend. The Grow Remote Jobs Club is based around a monthly meetup (via Zoom) to help people in the search for a remote job. Updates will be posted in the Grow Remote Ballinasloe Facebook Group.


In February Grow Remote partnered with Regional Skills West, Galway Executive Skillnet, iTag Skillnet, and Gréasán na Meán Skillnet to hold a Free Workshop ‘Remote West Works’ targeted at remote workers and managers of remote teams, to give practical advice on how to remote work more efficiently and deal with challenges in the current environment.

Well done to our Pulse Club & Grow Remote members involved in this event. Dorothy Scarry of Workplace Health & Wellbeing, spoke on Psychological Safety & Wellbeing and Renate Kohlmann of Grow Remote & RK Consulting helped with the facilitation.

Remote Working Survey

In 2020, after Covid forced so many people to work from home, we ran the first survey about remote work in Ballinasloe. A year later a revised survey has been launched. We are interested to received your feedback and would kindly ask as many people as possible to complete the short 2 minute survey. We will post the results in future editions. To complete the survey simply scan the QR code or follow the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2HFK8TV

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Renate Kohlmann, Grow Remote Ballinasloe. Contact: hello@growremote.ie

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