Here's all you need to know about Grow Remote!


Welcome to Grow Remote! You are becoming a part of an amazing community of people who believe in the power of remote work to enable individuals, community and companies.

Being a Chapter Lead can be an extremely rewarding experience where you get to support people and your community. This might be helping people who are already working remotely to find a tribe to connect with or in helping those who would like to access remote work. Chapters decide on their main goals and work together to achieve their goals. Another common goal for Chapters is to educate their community on remote work.

This guide is meant to help you along the way. Make sure to read through it, share it with the rest of your team, and use it as a reference. It may be long, but should have everything you need to navigate your role as an organizer. Good luck!

How this Wiki came about....

Like most things in Grow Remote, it's not what we do, but why we do it. Grow Remote was built by a team of volunteers who felt compelled to take action, but we had no budget and needed jobs to pay the bills.

We were at the centre of a bunch of brilliant, magic work happening across chapters and we noticed that learnings were not being shared (because they were in our heads!). Here, is where we can share the magic...

How To Use The Wiki

This Wiki is designed to be the ultimate resource for helping you in running the chapter. From high-level to nitty-gritty details, we’ve compiled and consolidated all our event and organizing experiences into an easily-navigable and accessible resource. The bulk of this guide, however, is broken down in sections based on topic.


Common issues (A sample heading)

Throughout this guide you will see sections like this one, to help you understand challenges that others in the community have encountered. We include these sections to help you learn from each other and help make the process smoother. If you have suggestions for the guide or these "Attention!" sections please email them to: with the title "Grow Remote Wiki".

Common mistakes before the event:

Share the event with the wider Grow Remote community. Make sure you let us all know the details of your event in good time so we can share it with the community.

Neglect to post & email out a final schedule & directions. Double check the information listed on Eventbrite.

Live in a bubble.Talk to previous organizers and others in your region. They have a lot of wisdom and love to share it

This Wiki is Ever-Evolving

While we have kept the information general enough so that it applies across many regions, many resources/suggestions may only be relevant in certain contexts. Currently, most of the guide and downloadable content is in English-only. Ultimately, in the spirit of lean methodology, this guide is a work in progress.

A warm welcome!

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