How to - Introduction Talk

How to deliver the presentation/talk introducing what Grow Remote is. This is often the talk that is used to recruit members to a Chapter.

Prefer video?

We have a 10 minute video here:

Introduction to the Introduction talk!

The introduction talk is often the first time people are learning about Grow Remote. It's a chance to explain, quickly, the how, what and why.

This talk might be the first ever event you run for your Chapter or you might use it to encourage stakeholders in your community to get involved.

It is also a useful tool on a semi regular basis to bring in new members to your Chapter. This could be your bi-annual "Learn about Grow Remote" talk or meetup.

Feel free to use it as makes sense for your Chapter and needs.

The presentation deck can be found here title "Grow Remote Explainer" in the Chapter Lead Google Drive

Find a video here that goes through thinking about things like goals, venue and feedback for this talk/presentation - (10 mins)

The steps

  1. You will need a Gmail account for this - find the presentation in the Google Drive, Go to "File" and select "Make a copy" - you now have a copy in your drive that you can edit

  2. Run through the presentation so you are familiar with the content, this is to help you tell the story of Grow Remote

  3. Look for a venue - e.g. library, hotel, community hall - talk to groups like a chamber of commerce if you need help with this

  4. Decide on a date and time - once you have your venue discuss some potential dates - consider when your preferred audience will be able to attend - e.g. if you wish to attract people who aren't already working remotely it might need to be in the evening or at the weekend

  5. Ask about presentation facilities - do they have a projector? Can you use a USB key or will you need a HDMI cable to connect a laptop etc

  6. If possible go to view the room ahead of the selected time

  7. What is the venues capacity, this will influence the number of tickets you make available on Eventbrite

  8. Create an event on Eventbrite - this platform is free if you don't charge for your tickets

  9. Share the event with us so we can add it to the Grow Remote Facebook page and share across other social media

  10. Create a "wish list" of guests - who in your community, or beyond, would you like there.

  11. Decide where to share it - Social media works well, having it as an Event via the Grow Remote Facebook page helps to increase the number of people it can reach. Share it to local pages on Facebook such as local businesses and clubs and groups. If there is a local website as if they would share it there and any other social media accounts that are popular in your area.

  12. Email - Create an email to send out to local clubs, businesses, politicans, press and anyone else you can think of. Your local chamber of commerce might help in sending it to their list. Contacting local government can help in getting the word out there (County Council in Ireland).

  13. When sharing use either the Eventbrite or Facebook event as this will help you to keep track of the number of tickets "sold"

  14. On the day enjoy yourself, we are inspiring people to embrace remote and helping to make their lives and our communities better, remember that!

  15. Ask for feedback after the talk - this helps us to learn how to better communicate - and please share it with us in the community, we are learning from each other

  16. Take photos and send them back to us! Photos can be emailed to

After your experience giving this presentation if you feel that we could improve this guide please let us know.

This is a living, breathing document that will grow and improve over time (just like all of us!).

And thank you for being a part of this community!

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