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The more companies who hire location-less, the better it is for us all. We do 5 things to help make that happen currently:

1) Provide them with a 'Shop Window'

First of all is the 'quick wins', as we're in an emerging market, we're finding companies who come to us and tell us that they hire remotely, but just never thought to promote it that way. Over the years as staff asked to leave city locations, and as the trust built, they let them go. Now they're used to it they'll hire remote, but job boards like still force them to put in a location as opposed to remote.

To help them promote the roles, and to make them visible to our communities, John Brett, a chapter member in carlow, built Ireland's first public, free, remote jobs board:

2) Promotional case studies

A lot of these companies wouldn't be known in our communities, so we build case studies around them to help promote their company, as well as help our communties get to know them better.

If you'd like to capture a case study of a local remote working company, just send them the questions and we'll add them to the blog:

3) Peer support

We know that a lot of leaders now get the benefit of remote working, but they're not sure about what risks that involves. We run free office hour sessions with industry experts who can speak to what it's like to implement remote working in practice.

The last sessions were with Renate Kolhmann who built wayfair from 10 to 500 people and took it from in office to remote, and Tim Burgess who helps companies navigate the legal requirements while hiring across boundaries.

4) Manager Training

With Chambers Ireland, thanks to a donation from Remote How we're training up 10 middle managers in Dublin based organisations. We believe that if managers have the skillset to manage remote teams, we have a better change of unlocking those jobs.

5) Equipping their employees with the skills

If there are commuters in your town, helping them to convince their employer could be useful. We usually point them to this guide to asking for remote work and this template HR policy. Further, we've trained up 110 people in the skill of remote work thanks to Workplaceless.

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