Large Events: Tullamore

The challenge with remote work is that it is remote from our communities and there is no model to make it local. We spend lots of time compiling resources, and once we get them to chapter leads, it's very much up to each chapter on how they make it local.

Our Tullamore chapter lead Caroline Spollen, is an already busy community person running events and the local coworking space. She focused on 2 things:

Ongoing education: Using established local social media accounts, Caroline picks up one or two remote jobs weekly and posts them up locally. This is a very simple but hugely beneficial way to create remote workers locally (we'll be quite some time waiting for Doist to advertise in Tullamore)

One Big Event: In lieu of multiple meetups, Caroline on boarded a local sponsor in the enteprise office and ran a remote working event with a range of speakers from Hotjar to Airbnb and Shopify. You can catch the highlight reel here:

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