What is Grow Remote?

Who We Are

Grow Remote, is a non-profit organisation founded in September 2018 by a group of amazing people who wanted to help repopulate and revitalise their rural areas across Ireland.

What We Do

We call it “Remote Work In-a-box”. Our process makes it easy for future community managers to implement remote working locally. We do this by using an onboarding platform called ChangeX which allows local leaders to sign up and get educated on how to build and foster remote working communities locally by:

1. Helping people (individuals) find full time remote jobs online 2. Helping employers (companies) adapt to the remote working culture 3. Building a community that will support both individuals and companies so everyone can work remotely in harmony.

We are hoping that by achieving these 3 goals we will be able to slowly normalise remote working in the future. Education is our top priority. We teaching people the differences between remote work, freelancing and entrepreneurship and we educate people on the definitions of "Remote work", "Flexible work", "Distributed teams" and many other things that might be confusing to people who have never worked online before.

How We Do it

For Individuals

We help individuals get started working online (Re-skilling and training)

● We help you convince your boss! (Guides on how to transition to remote working)

● We conduct local discussions, workshops and other Grow Remote events

For Companies

We have field experts and organisational strategists available for consultations.

● We help promote remote working companies so people can find them.

For Communities

We assist willing individuals to open a chapter in their area.

● We created an online job board for remote positions so companies can post their listings and individuals can also find these jobs.

● We partner with local government offices to do "Town Tasters" to help promote rural areas to remote workers and convince them to move and live in their areas.

In October, 2019, Grow Remote became a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee 2019. Learn more in this video.

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